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The Mission

Our mission at MORii has always been to surprise and delight you with unexpected, distinctive finds for your home. We source and craft all of our products with care, ensuring that any treasure you find at MORii is unique, just like YOU.


Our Story

We created MORii, a lifestyle brand which offers Home Décor, Furniture, Textiles and Carpets. It is in true sense a "rendezvous of design with utility".

This was started when bunch of NIFT Grads decided to being the international flovour of artisinal India tp the people of India .
Very Importantly ; every product we sell is" MADE IN INDIA ".

Our Customer

Our customer is a creative-minded person, who wants everything they own to look like themself, not the masses. they have a sense of adventure and to them, MORii is a portal of discovery—a place for them to lose.....and find—themself.

home decor
home decor

Ensure the security of your meals and mental contentment. And create a fresh, conscientious design vocabulary for the times you inhabit.

Every one of our items is an expert at the craft of handcrafted flaws. Love for the earth is expressed in every creation!

hammered planter
Boketto Planter

It is located at the nexus of what we perceive and what we make of it, where tradition and nature come together to manufacture beauty that transcends the visible.

Create the ideal brew of needs and wants. molded by culture, grounded in knowledge, and adjusted to contemporary sensibilities, best home decor.

long mirror with stand

Founder's Message - MORii - Home Decor Journey

We are pleased to welcome you to MORii.
MORii has always been with its customers in their lives as a trustworthy partner that provides a variety high quality of lifestyle products. We have been associated with the home decor industry from over 10 years ( & counting) and have gained invaluable expertise through our journey of success and failures.
We just wish to pass on the benefits to the people of India - our loving customers..

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