MORii® Snack Bowl | Luxurious Wooden Bowl |(Pack of 1 Tropical)


Versatile Acacia Wood | Catch All Bowl | Decal Accents | Lacquer Shine Finish |Ideal for Organizing, Serving Salad, or Snacking


Introducing our versatile Acacia Wood snack Bowl, a masterpiece of functionality and aesthetics that adds a touch of elegance to your home.

Crafted with precision from the finest acacia wood, this bowl boasts a unique decal inside the base and a lustrous lacquer shine finish, making it the perfect choice for a catch all, salad bowl, or snack bowl.

Product Dimensions:

Diameter: 20 cms

Height: 5.5 cms

Weight: 400 grams

Elevate your home décor with our Acacia Wood Catch All Bowl, a versatile piece that adds charm and functionality to any space. Its unique decal and lacquer shine finish make it a perfect accent for modern, rustic, or eclectic interiors.

Package Includes:

1 Acacia Wood Snack Bowl

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your home’s elegance and organization with this exquisite Catch All Bowl.

Add it to your cart now and experience the perfect blend of artistry, versatility, and durability.

Elevate your space today with a touch of nature-inspired luxury.

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“MORii ® Snack Bowl- Elevating Home Décor with Nature’s Finest Creations”


1. Premium Craftsmanship: Our Acacia Wood Snack Bowl showcases exceptional craftsmanship.  The natural beauty of acacia wood shines through, enhancing any space with its warm and inviting appeal.

2. Decal Accents: What sets this bowl apart is the thoughtfully designed decal inside the base. This subtle yet eye-catching detail adds a touch of charm and uniqueness to the bowl.

3. Lacquer Shine Finish: The lacquer shine finish not only enhances the beauty of the wood but also provides a protective layer that ensures durability and longevity. The glossy finish adds an element of sophistication, making this bowl an elegant addition to your home.

4. Multi-Functional Design: This Snack Bowl goes beyond its name. Use it to keep your essentials organized in style – keys, coins, jewelry, or everyday items find a home in this versatile bowl.

5. Nature’s Gift: Acacia wood is celebrated for its rich tones, distinct grains, and remarkable durability. Our bowl pays homage to these natural qualities, creating a piece that is not only visually appealing but also stands the test of time.

Weight0.65 kg
Dimensions24 × 24 × 7.5 cm


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snack bowlMORii® Snack Bowl | Luxurious Wooden Bowl |(Pack of 1 Tropical)


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