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7 Amazing Ideas to Decorate Small Living Rooms

How to decorate small living room? We like staying cozy and love little cozy corners, however we usually don’t prefer a small living room. Living rooms let you decorate your home, show off your interior design skills , antique furniture, hobbies, artwork, and other possessions.

But, when choosing a home, you can’t always choose the size of your living room. Even if a prominent place is a priority, you might easily fall in love with a house that has a smaller than average living room space.

Here are 7 amazing tips to decorate your living small living room with so it catches everyone’s attention in spite of its small size :

1. You Can Never Have Enough Natural Light

Decorative Small Living Room
Small spaces need natural light, so aim for a big window and keep your curtains open during the day .

If your living room can receive an abundance of natural light, don’t block it out with blinds or dark curtains. Open them up and let all the sunlight into your room that you can. This home hack naturally helps the room look bigger and also gives it a fresh and natural look that makes you want to spend as much time in there as possible. This is the best free tip to decorate your small living room without any home decor.

2. Look for a Smaller Couch

Decorate Small Living Room
Smaller couches can help keep your living room looking spacious

Its a common mistake to fill up the space with L shaped sofas and heavy furniture pieces making the area look clumsy and bulky , for a neater look go for a smaller couch.

My suggestion would be to go for a loveseat if you are a young couple or group of friends living together. Staying away from items like coffee tables or ottomans are also a good idea as they can quickly fill up the space. 

3. Don’t Forget the Mirrors

Decorate Small Living Room
Mirrors can give your space an illusion that it is bigger.

One of the oldest tricks in the book, but you will find that it works wonders. The mirror will create the illusion of space by reflecting backlight and any decor that you have in the area. This home hack makes it seem like you are doubling up in space. One larger one or a couple of smaller ones is perfect when it comes to your living room. 

4. Solving odd angles with Accent Walls

Decorate Small Living Room
Accent walls can give the room a unique and creative look

One of the most troubling problems is having an odd angle corner. For instance, you might have a side where the ceiling is lower or have a small nook that creates decorating trouble because you’re not sure what to fit in that space. 

When you’re working these angles, take time to play around with them, and get as creative as possible. You can create an accent wall with pictures and artwork. Making this space the focal point can help make the room seem more significant. You can also put wallpaper on this wall and hang up a mirror. 

5. Include a Couple of Planters

Decorate Small Living Room
You don’t need to overcrowd the room with planters, but having one or two in a corner or by a window is a great way to lighten up the room

Don’t be afraid to go a little over the top, especially when it comes to decorating because it can leave your room feeling fresh and give it a different look than a regular place.

This hack is one of the best ways to add function decor that can help brighten up a room without having to take up too much space on the floor or a table.

6. Get Floating Wall Shelves

Decorate Small Living Room
Hanging shelves can help you bring a unique look into your living room, especially if you have them for your feature wall

Very popular decor display that are easy to install is known as floating wall shelves. They are shelves that you can individually hang on your wall in any place and order. For instance, you could purchase five shelves and decide to line them up vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. 

You might use them to show off your books. Floating shelves give the room a better look at having bulky cabinets around your living room. Another possibility is also to purchase baskets for your walls. 

7. Skip couches and Look for Chairs to decorate small living room

Decorate Small Living Room
Who says you need to have a couch in your living room? Chairs look so much better in smaller areas

Popular belief is you have to have a couch in the living room; otherwise, it’s not a comfortable living room. They feel that they won’t be comfortable or won’t be able to truly relax without crashing on the couch after a hard day’s work. While this is strictly a personal preference, we have found that skipping the sofa (even a small loveseat) meant more comfortable chairs and different design ideas that became perfect solutions to decorate small living room.

The most significant step to take than any other tips in this article, is to embrace your small living room. You want to learn to love it just as you would the large dream living room you’ve always had set in your mind. 

Take time to create your personal space that you’re proud to show off to your guests. Play around with your furniture and area a little to figure out the best design possible. Find ways to spend as much time as possible in the room, especially with your family. Maybe this means that you have a movie or game night. The more comfortable and happy you are with your room, the more you will love your space. 


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